The Cafe

We designed this space in our building specifically so that you could grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up to a table and get to know someone. So, take advantage of this space! Introduce yourself to someone this week and start a conversation!

Small Groups

Small Groups are a great way to meet new friends & get connected with people. Groups come in all shapes & sizes at First Church. We have prayer partners, friends who meet weekly for coffee and spiritual encouragement, ladies’ groups, men’s groups, couple’s groups, Football groups, crafting groups… lots of groups! You can join an existing group or start a new one… They meet on Sunday mornings and lots of different times throughout the week. To find out more, contact Clare, our Director of Small Groups and Connections.

Class 101

Discover First Church
Class 101 is the perfect place to learn all about First Church.  In Class 101 you will learn where we’ve been & where we’re headed as a church. You’ll learn about our core values and what we believe. You’ll meet all of our staff and get a tour of our facilities. Essentially, you’ll receive a great overview of what First Church is all about, and you’ll learn how you can get the most out of your experience here. This is also the perfect place to become a First Church member! Check the bulletin to find out when this class will occur next, or just contact the church office.